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Laura, 19, single, Hungarian, artist, photography student, sport and ink lover. I love weird, nice, hot stuff and things that inspire me.* In every way.*
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When you were drunk as fuck and you can’t remember ANYTHING

and all your friends telling stories about what happened last night - you think that they’re actually lying but unluckily they don’t. 

So you decided not to drink that much vodka next time but it won’t happen because it’s going to be a New Year’s Eve party with free vodka from 10pm to close. Therefore the only way to remember what happened that night is to record EVERYTHING. 

when i clean at home
mom: Whoa... are you sick or want to get something?
me: No?! I just clean. Why is it so weird, goddamnit...
when i try not to eat those fucking cookies, sweets and other delicious stuff what my mom just bought after i finished my workout… 
that’s all.(c) Luzics Laura