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Laura, 19, Hungarian, artist, photography student, sport and ink lover. I love weird, nice, hot stuff and things that inspire me.* In every way.*
Feel free to write me, i'm always glad receiving messages from everyone :) Enjoy your stay! ^^ xoxo
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i need alone time

   I like being alone. I like ignoring people for a while. I like not responding to messages when i don’t want to chat. I feel neither lonely nor sad. I just need some space and time only with myself to repair, relax, detox all the toxic things from inside & outside. 
Do friends, family understand this? No.
Should they do? Yes.
   Everyone needs to take a break and concentrate of their-selves. Log off, take a hot shower, cleanse the body, take a walk, meditate, eat less and healthier, drink a lot of water/tea, read a book and last but not least have a good sleep. That’s all it takes and people should understand and respect(!) others if they don’t want to go out and chill with them. 

   Some of my friends call me lazy because i don’t want to go anywhere and meet with them. They say that if I start ignoring all of them now, it’s gonna stay like this and will never meet in the summer. So they don’t get the point. I wonder if they’ve ever felt in that way how i feel now. Probably not or not so much. 
So pretty please if I say that I want to be alone for a few days and don’t go anywhere do not push me to do the opposite. I exactly know why I’m doing this and it makes me happy.
This is me so deal with it. A lonely wolf some days and a party bitch on the others. 

Thank you for your attention. xoxo

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I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/5451932/via/csokiskeksz

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/5451932/via/csokiskeksz

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that’s all.(c) Luzics Laura 

that’s all.

(c) Luzics Laura